The Grundy Avenue Building Leadership Team is a volunteer group of teachers, parents and the building principal. Their role is to help enhance the academic performance of the students of Grundy Avenue School while working with the educational staff of the building. The parent members are selected by the Grundy Avenue PTA and the teacher members are selected by the staff of the school.

Each member serves a two year term. Parent members must be the parent or legal guardian of a child who attends Grundy Avenue School. They must have a child in grade 3 or under at the start of their term on the BLT.

SEPTA stands for Special Education Parent Teachers Association. SEPTA is a district-wide PTA covering all 18 buildings in the Sachem School District. The membership includes all special education students, their parents and families, administrators, special education teachers and all support personnel. The main focus is to make sure that every student here at Sachem, whether they are disabled or not, receives a fair, equal and quality education so that someday they may each become an independent, self-sufficient, and productive member of our society.